Our custom designed programs have been refined and defined and we continue to innovate and improve. The programs we offer our students are exclusive to Lavish Dance. You won't find them anywhere else.

The Student Journey

Our programs are designed for your child to start with us at 18 months and continue through to Graduate when they are 19. Every step through our programs will challenge and inspire them.

As they progress through each program their skills, confidence and personality will grow every step along the way.

Each student is expected to complete at least one year of our programs to receive the full benefits. The students who continue until graduation walk into the world with grace and confidence above the rest.

18 months - 6 years

Junior Programs

Wiggle & Giggle

While enriching the bond between you and your little one, you will experience an  environment full of learning, entertainment, smiles, laughter and love.

18 months - 3 yrs


Encouraging your child to engage their imagination, they will learn as they tippy toe through fields of flowers, create magical fairy gardens, stomp through the snow, go on adventures, search for fairies and so much more.

2.5 - 3 years

Lady Bugs

Focusing on the finer details like straight legs, pointing their toes correctly, stretching, flexibility, straight arms and much more, your child will improve from the skills learnt in the previous programs.

4 - 6 years

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7 years - 19 years

Senior Programs


Technique and skills are perfected and they start to learn more complicated moves and styles. They can even help create choreography if they choose to.

7 - 9 years


Our program for this age group is designed to challenge your child if they have danced before but also suitable for your child if they are  just starting in our programs.

10 years +

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5 years +

Specialised Programs

These programs can be taken with the above programs to further develop your child's skills in one style


The perfect complimentary programs to our group programs, by dancing in two programs each week, your child will improve dramatically faster than those coming once a week.

5 years +

Hip Hop

In this class your child will use their attitude to their advantage and use all of their energy to HIP HOP! They will enjoy participating in class dance offs whilst building friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

5 years +


While using their imaginations your child will  improve their Ballet technique and fundamentals in Level 1 and further progress through these skills and move in the higher levels.

5 years +

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10 years +

Elite Programs

These programs are by invitation and audition only to our Senior students

Academy Dancers

By audition, your dancer may have the opportunity to become a part of our Academy Dancers. This is our amazing performance team where your child will dive deeper to work on their performance skills on a whole new level.

10 years +

Student Teachers

If your child shows potential, they will be invited to join this program and improve their skills. They will also be invited to assist the younger dancers at  various performance opportunities throughout the year.

10 years +