While enriching the bond between you and your little one, you will experience an  environment full of learning, entertainment, smiles, laughter and love.

Dancing and learning together you will create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

One adult with one child plus our brilliant program equals tons of giggles and wiggles for you both.

All are welcome to experience this exquisite program -  Mums, Dads, Granddads, Grandmas, Aunties, Uncles, Caregivers and Guardians.

No dance experience necessary, if you have two left feet we welcome you with open arms. This class is not about getting the steps right but experiencing the joy music and dance brings to children and adults.

Coffee catch ups after class are a regular occurrence so you will meet other locals with young children of a similar age.

18 months - 3 years

Wiggle & Giggle


Encouraging your child to engage their imagination, they will learn as they tippy toe through fields of flowers, create magical fairy gardens, stomp through the snow, go on adventures, search for fairies and so much more.

With intentionally chosen songs, your child’s musical ears, ability to hear different beats, rhythms and sounds will all be improved in each class.

While your child sings various songs and uses simple hand actions they will  improve their ability to control every part of our body individually. Your child will learn that their body is so much more capable than they thought.

Your child will learn to jump, skip, hop, gallop, tippy toe run, leap, kick, stretch and more.

While learning the concert choreography your child will improve their memory, ability to follow instructions and learn to work as a team.

Through imaginative play your child will  learn and build their skills without even knowing it.

2.5 - 3 years



Your child will improve on their dance technique as they move in to the "Big kids" group.

Focusing on the finer details like straight legs, pointing their toes correctly, stretching, flexibility, straight arms and much more, your child will improve from the skills learnt in the Fairies (2 - 3 years) program.

Encouraging your child to engage their imagination they will explore different levels of dance, move in new ways and challenge themselves to see what they are capable of.

Learning concert choreography is a great way for your child to put their memory skills to the test and to learn stage positions and structure.

Strong friendships are formed here as your child works in small groups or practices partner moves. This also helps them to work well as a team.

Your child will be able to concentrate on becoming the amazing dancer they want to be and prepare for the next class where they can define their dancing technique and skills even further.

4 - 6 years

Lady Bugs


While building and improving all skills learnt in the younger levels your child will now move into defining who they are as a dancer.

Technique and skills are perfected and they start to learn more complicated moves and styles. They can even help create choreography if they choose to.

Your child’s flexibility, strength and skills are improved even more as they start to concentrate on the smaller details that make them stand out as great dancers.

They learn concert choreography and have the ability to perform with no help from the teacher. Their memories are challenged every week with new exercises and training.

Strong friendships start to take shape as your child interacts more with team building exercises and leadership roles. Your child will also be close to reaching the age to become student teachers and take on more responsibility if they wish to.

Your child will see the amazing things the Seniors are doing in their classes and work hard to perfect their skills so they can move up to the next level.

7 - 9 years



Our program for this age group is designed to challenge your child if they have danced before but also suitable for your child if they are  just starting in our programs.

While concentrating on fine-tuning technique and improving their skills and flexibility your child will form a great bond with all the other students in class. There is a wonderful sense of friendship and harmony in these classes.

Concert choreography is much more involved and this really pushes your child to be the absolute best dancers they can be. Your child will be encouraged to join other  programs at Lavish Dance to improve our skills in different areas of dance. They may also be invited to audition to be in the performance team (Academy Dancers) which is an absolute honor.

Practice at home is highly encouraged for this program. Because of this, motivation and determination is something all our students have.

Your child will learn to work as a team and help the other students out when needed. Your child will be welcomed with open arms and become a part of our team straight away.

10 years +



The perfect complimentary programs to our group programs, by dancing in two programs each week, your child will improve dramatically faster than those coming once a week.

Your child will stretch, bend, hang out upside down and challenge their bodies to move in ways they may have never tried before. Things your child will regularly work on include:

Handstands, cartwheels, teddy bear stands, splits, leg mounts, leaps, kicks, core strength, posture, headstands, crab walks plus so much more.

Your child's stamina, strength, flexibility, resilience and passion for dance will grow each week as they are encouraged to try new things and learn that they  are capable of so much more than they may have thought.

Challenging themselves, encouraging each other and learning to set goals and reach them - this is what your child will learn most in our AcroDance classes.

5 years +



While using their imaginations your child will  improve their Ballet technique and fundamentals in Level 1 and further progress through these skills and move in the higher levels.

Level one introduces Ballet positions, Ballet Barre' technique and basic Ballet terms……..yea we know French oh la la. Moving through the levels of Ballet, they will  perfect these techniques and skills.

Learning and implementing poise and grace in this class, your child will  learn how to hold themselves correctly (posture) and how to "look" like a Ballerina on stage (hand, feet, knees, hips & arm positioning)

As their Ballet technique improves they will  learn how to think and do multiple things at once while becoming more aware of what their body is doing and how their body is feeling. Your child will become committed and regularly enjoy practicing at home in the mirror.

Ballet wonderfully compliments your student when taking our group classes, as you will see magical improvement with your child dancing more than once a week.

5 years +



In this class your child will use their attitude to their advantage and use all of their energy to HIP HOP!

Your child will  learn to follow the beat very precisely and use their imaginations to find their own individual style of dancing.

They will enjoy participating in class dance offs whilst building friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

In class exercises your child will  build their strength to use for break dancing and co-ordination to use at performances and concerts.

Determination is a key aspect your child will  acquire in this class as hip hop requires commitment and a willingness to learn and try their hardest.

Hip Hop is a great program for your child to take alongside one of our amazing group programs. You will find, by your child taking class more than once a week, you will see a huge improvement much faster than if they only dance once a week.

5 years +

Hip Hop


By audition, your dancer may have the opportunity to become a part of our Academy Dancers. This is our amazing performance team where your child will dive deeper to work on their performance skills on a whole new level.

Students who are accepted into our Academy Dancers Program are dedicated, have an obvious passion for dance, regularly practice at home and attend multiple classes each week to improve their skills and technique.

By becoming a part of our Academy Dancers Program your child will work on becoming the best dancer they can be. There is no competition between dancers, and no students are pushed outside of their own comfort zone.

Student confidence soars in this class and you will see dramatic improvement each week. All students in this program are beautifully supportive and encouraging of each other. It is beautiful to witness.

10 years +

Academy Dancers


We offer an exclusive and specially designed Student Teacher Program here at Lavish Dance.

If your child shows potential, they will be invited to join this program and improve their skills. They will also be invited to assist the younger dancers at  various performance opportunities throughout the year. Your child will form gorgeous bonds with our younger dancers, who look up to them with awe.

Student Teachers attend two or more classes each week and assist in classes with our younger dancers. The love between our Student Teachers and Younger students in mutual and makes our team so proud.

Student Teachers have multiple opportunities to attend trainings throughout the year to help improve leadership skills, taking initiation, confidence, team work, learning styles, dancers health, use of imagination, organisation and so much more.

10 years +

Student Teachers