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Meg has been a student at Lavish Dance since 2011 -  you would not recognise her from when she first started.

When Meg first joined Lavish Dance, she was a great student, really loved dancing  but she lacked confidence. She was quiet, shy and didn’t talk too much at class.

Now, Meg is THRIVING! She is a highly skilled dancer and has come leaps and bounds from where she was when she first started with us.

“Lavish Dance for Meggy has been a wonderful world to belong too. A family. A safe place to give dance a go without pressure. Meg has thrived in this environment. And growing and becoming a dance assistant has helped her confidence enormously.” - Meg’s Mum

Meg started with Lavish Dance in 2011 when she was just 8 years old. With Lavish Dance just starting out, she was our only student for a little while.

From her very first class we knew she had the natural talent to become an amazing dancer. She has always had a fantastic memory for choreography. One thing we helped Meg work on from the start was to use control when dancing. She has definitely mastered control and so many other skills as a dancer.

As soon as Meg started taking more than one class per week, her dancing skills improved dramatically. It took only a term for us to see huge results and improvements in her technique, flexibility, memory, skills and dedication to dance. She stepped up to be the gorgeous dancer we always knew she could be. Her curiosity grew, she started asking more questions and with increased practice at home she blossomed.

She is currently in our Seniors Program, AcroDance Program, Academy Dancers, Student Teacher Program and Private classes each week.

Meg has been a student teacher with us for a long time now. Her love for her students is evident and all of her students love her just as much. Our students are extremely lucky to have such a beautiful young lady to admire and look up to. It’s gorgeous to see.

With becoming a student teacher, Meg’s confidence has also grown even further. Going out of her comfort zone has now lead her to become an exceptional person.

A note from Meg:

My first few classes I was quite nervous but Miss Tash was really encouraging and made me feel comfortable with the other kids and learning the dances! When I first started I loved the chill vibe in every class and all the kids were really inviting towards me!

Lavish Dance is now my second home because I have been here so long and I just feel so comfortable with the teachers and my friends!! I also love the opportunity to help with the younger kids every week and it's so rewarding to see them improve each week!


The top 3 things that I have improved since being at Lavish Dance are:

My flexibility since I can now do the splits and a backbend from standing up

Being confident in front of the class when I assist with the kids

Learning to choreograph my own small solos and dances in my classes!

This studio is so encouraging and chill to make all the students feel comfortable and confident. Especially when they are new to the class!! I also like that it's a non competitive studio so there is no pressure to compete!!

My favourite memory from this studio so far is being backstage at the concert every year because it's so fun and exciting to see everyone backstage in costume and practicing the dances while watching a movie!!

It's such an inviting family that will encourage you and push you to achieve your goals and it's so rewarding to perform in the concert each year!!

I am personally so very proud of Meg and how far she has come in her journey with us at Lavish Dance. With her hard work, dedication, passion, bright personality, enthusiasm, skills and compassion she is leading this world as a confident and passionate young woman.

Miss Tash

Lavish Dance

Creative Director