Cinderella Ballet (July School Holidays)

We are so excited to be bringing our Cinderella themed dance camps to you in the July school holidays for children aged 3 - 9 years.

Your child will get to dress up like a prince/princess and dance like one. While learning Ballet they will be able to explore dance in a magical and enchanting way. Using their imaginations they will be transformed to a world of excitement and wonder.

The will get to challenge their craft skills in our specialised craft session and build special friendships throughout the day. You will have the opportunity to watch them perform at the end of the day and they will be beaming with pride to show you what they have learnt.


These camps will run on 10th July during the school holidays at the Morphett Vale Community Hall.

We are so thrilled to be bringing this camp to you these school holidays and can’t wait to see you there. Click on the links below to book your child’s tickets - don’t miss out.

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Frequently asked questions

When is the Cinderella Ballet DanceCamp?

This year we are holding it on Wednesday 10th July 2019

Where is it held?

Morphett Vale Community Hall (9 William Street, Morphett Vale)

It's a great location with a small stage, kitchen facilitites and a seperate room for our craft entertainment.

Can we stay and watch?

Our programs are designed to give you a break and offer some extra entertainment for your children during the school holidays. You can drop your child off and then return at the end to watch the mini production for a snippet of what they have learnt.

What should they wear?

Students are encouraged to dress with the theme and dress up as their favourite Prince/Princess though this is not necessary. Students are allowed to wear anything they like.

All students must wear closed in shoes.

What do they need to bring?

Students will need to bring snack/lunch (depending on the time for their group) as well as a water bottle. There is a fridge for storing food if needed and we will provide water if they need to fill up their water bottles. Please make sure everything is labelled.

Craft time may get a bit messy so if you would prefer your childs outfit to not get dirty we suggest they bring along a smock to protect their clothes.

Can siblings do it together?

Of course, providing they are in the same age bracket group.

Can my younger child join my older childs group?

We have run many school holiday workshops and have refined the age groups that work best together. Your child will get more value and benefit from attending the group session for their own age group.

We can't make that day, are there any other times available?

For this session, we are only running it for one day. If you would like to stay up to date with any future School Holiday events coming up just click on the link under the FAQ section to join our mailing list

Do we have to be Lavish Dance students to participate?

Not at all. Our school holiday programs don't link with our regular programs at all so everyone is welcome.

Can boys join too?

Absolutely. Our school holiday programs are designed to be suitable for both boys and girls. We firmly beleive that dance movement is just as beneficial for boys as girls development.

I am concenred my child won't want to do it without me there, what should I do?

In our experience we have never had a child not join in at our school holiday programs. We have many steps we take to ensure they join in and to make them feel comfortable.

We are 100% confident in our programs so if for any reason your child does not join in on any of the activities we have planned for the day, we will refund you 100% of your ticket price. Not questions asked.

Do they have to have experience in dance?

Not at all. Your child will not be standing at a ballet barre learning every position and reciting french. We use imaginative play and exploration to encourage your child to move their bodies in different ways and to discover the joys of dance.

Your child will not come out of the session as a professional ballet dancer, but a child who has experienced the magic of dance and imagination.

My child is over the age bracket but I think they would love it. Can they still join?

Of course. If you think your child would love to attend and they will be comfortable dancing with the youngest age bracket in their group then not a problem. The older students usually love to take on a mentor role for the younger students in their group anyway.

I can't make drop off time, can I drop them off earlier?

For the one day events, we unforunately can't offer early drop off. If you can't make it, we suggest your child invites a friend and they can drop both children off then both parents can come back at the end to watch the mini performance.

I want to keep updated on future events you run....

We run many various events during the school holidays. If you would like to be notified, simply fill our the form below to sign up to our mailing list.

What will they be doing

Our programs start with imaginative play, dance, games, partner work and choreography. We then have time for a snack/lunch and straight after that we start on our craft excercise.
We then head back to practice for our mini performance, more dancing and games and then parents arrive for the mini performance.